29 March 2016

Overwatch's Tracer's Victory Pose Is Out of Character? Really?!

So, today I heard a weird news on PC Gamers. You see, Blizzard is currently holding an Open-Beta phase for their newest class based multiplayer, Overwatch. One of the characters in the game is a 26 year old high spirited girl, Tracer. I'm gonna skip on her ability and just skip to what important in this case; her personality. From what I've seen from cinematic trailer, gameplay video, and many sources in the internet (I haven't played it though), Tracer is a genki girl. She's very high spirited and playful. Some of her pose and movement also tell us (or me, to be exact) that she's also likes to do cool stuff.

And now, people complaining about her. Not about her as general, no. But complaining about one very specific victory pose. In that pose, Tracer stands with her back to the camera and her head looking at the camera.

This is the ass, er, pose in question. Image: PCGamer

One of the pose in the "How to Look Cool" handbook. So, what's wrong with it? Well, people said that the pose showing Tracer showing off her ass (a nice pair of ass). So it's over-sexualized? Eh, not really. Strangely enough, the reason why people complaining about this pose is because they think it is out of her character.

Wow, that's sounds like a legit reason the gaming community ever throw. But, wait. Is it really true though?

07 September 2014

Unboxing Caster Fate/Extra CCC SEGA Prize

"I need to carefully stretch her leg a little to put it inside the hole"

Hello guys!
It's been a while (months!) since my last post. I'm so very sorry for that. Laziness kicked in, got new plaything (3DS), tons of anime to watch; between all that, squeezing in writing a blog post is really though.

Not so long ago I read an article about procrastination and how to handle it. I somewhat decided to follow it's suggestion for this blog. I'll make a promise here up front, "I'll post at least 1 new blog post each week." There. This means that every week there will be at least 1 new post in this blog, whether you like it or not. I do hope I could post more than 1 post a week though.

Anyway, not so long ago I got my Caster SEGA Prize Figure. When I wanted to open it, I thought, "Well, I've never did any unboxing post before. That could be a nice thing for my blog." So here it is! I decided to take pictures and documented my unboxing of this very cute figure.

A little introduction of the character seems like a good place to start. I'll try my best to avoid spoiler. Caster is a heroic spirit summoned to 'caster' class in a fake-or-something (can't remember and can't be bothered to google it) Holy Grail War. The event is told in a PSP game called Fate/Extra. The game also have special edition called 'Fate/Extra CCC' which also in PSP. As you can see from the name, the game is one of the ever-growing Fate series. Caster's outfit in this figure is the alternate outfit (iirc) in the Fate/Extra CCC.

It's annoying how all the people in my facebook commenting ONLY on her melons.

The photos are taken with my 5MP phone camera (I don't have a camera :( ), which is a Lenovo S560. Please pardon the quality orz. Some of the photo have been digitally processed to present it as accurate OR as pretty as possible.

12 March 2014

Why Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal Had Huge Drops in Viewers Number?

TPP start as a niche entertainment....

Even though the title ends with a question mark, I'm not asking question here.
But, before we start, let me give brief introduction on Twitch Plays Pokemon (from here on will be written as TPP).

Twitch is an online service to stream game related video live so people can watch it. In the middle of February 2014, a streamer from Australia started a stream unlike any ordinary stream. This stream played Pokemon Red via emulator on PC and have a unique twist. It's controlled by the viewer. The game is played by typing the buttons on the chat system (ie. 'up', 'a', 'start' etc.). This is basically a lot of people playing 1 Pokemon game in one gameboy at the same time. Imagine the chaos when thousands of people suddenly interested in this thing! Yup, the chaos was really chaotic. Red, the Player Character, were walking in circle, checking pokedex again and again, searching through his bag repeatedly, all because he was controlled by thousands of player. In addition to that, each input had a 20 seconds delay by design. It was so chaotic that Red looks like played by an incompetent toddler playing with his gameboy upside down to the point the streamer added a new mode called Democracy where the game will choose most inputted input instead of pick all the input (this called as Anarchy Mode). But, amazingly enough, the people, called Hive Minds, able to do it quite well, albeit the long time they needed to do a lot of stuff. The game swayed between Anarchy and Democracy according to the command inputted. Most people agree Anarchy is better but Democracy is needed on task that need high level of precision. Many gaming websites posted articles about TPP and gave it amazing coverage. Supported by amazing fan arts and fan created lores and memes, the viewers were a whooping 90k at one point! It had a stable viewers number until Red get into the Hall of Fame and roll the credits on March 1st, 2014.

This is what TPP looks like. This was taken earlier today when we beat Lance of the Elite Four in Pokemon Crystal.
That's some brief explanation. What I want to talk here is about the declining number of viewers lately from around 100k at it's peak to 'just' 10k by the time I write this. Please note that 10k is still a HUGE number of viewers. But still, the number of viewers drops so significantly that a lot of people are saying 'TPP is dead', 'This stream is dying', etc. What probably the cause? What happened that makes a lot of viewers leave the stream?

My theory is this. It's not 'WTF?! We have only 10k viewers!!' but in reality it was 'WTF?! We got 100k viewers!!'. Did you said 'huh?!' ? What I want to say is that the anomaly is not we have only 10k viewers, but it is really weird (and awesome) that we have 100k viewers.

02 February 2014

Mikakunin, Hiatus, and Stuff

Hi, all!! It's been a while since my last post. Well, to be frank, I just want to give a kind of gap between the last post about Bima and new post that not related to fansub at all.

In any case, now this blog is back for personal use again! DBX-Sub will be using a different blog for our release, if we have something that is....

Last season anime was quite a blast. I enjoyed a lot of them. Noucome, Log Horizon, Samurai Flamenco, Strike The Blood, Golden Time, and of course, Miss Monochrome. I did try several other titles, but just didn't manage to keep up with the schedule. Thanks partly to my 2 weeks trip to Japan last December (more on that on another post).

As for this season, I'm already have my eyes on the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo, Pupa, and Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. I obviously will look into other titles, but for now I need to get rid of my mountainous backlogs.

Right now, I want to talk about this Mikakunin stuff.

Basically, that one video sold me the show. When I saw that video, I was adamant to watch it.

And so after watching 3 eps back-to-back, I'm surprised at how adorable Mikakunin is. There are a lot of cute moment that just begging to be made into gif. Even the OP song is so fluffy and become victim to my gif attack.

28 August 2013

Bad News for Our Bima Fans

So, yeah. First of all we want to apologize for about 3 weeks of MIA that we had. We do feel bad about it. We're sorry about that.

Secondly, and sadly, we want to say that we're dropping Bima. We don't want to but somehow we have to this in the end. There are reasons that forced us to drop Bima. We had some fun times doing this fan sub and regret none of it. In fact, the only regret we have is the need to stop subbing it. We really hope you guys can understand this. Again we're really sorry about this. If you still interested on Bima, you can grab one from Bima-Anon or Sky Fansub (Fact: We don't know whether they still doing this or not) which will be something we do to watch Bima.

If you were watching our previous release, we want to know how do you like it and some feedback on it. It's will help us much :)

Fact: We (almost certain) will step down from series funsubbing scene until unforeseeable time in the future. We still gonna do fansub but only for something that not have schedule (ie: PV).

That's the TL;DR version.
If you want the long version which include reasons, journey, and challenges that we had, keep reading.

07 August 2013

[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda - 06 (English sub)

I must say this is so damn funny!

Here's episode 6 of Bima Satria Garuda. The Spider Monster looks really cool!
As you may noticed, we are kinda late for this episode and we apologize for that.
We are on a big holidays here and our schedules are messed up since everyone invite us everywhere.

Plus, here's what xortimus, our encoder and uploader, has to say about his condition:
"Went back to my parents house for holiday. The computer is crap, it took 3 hours to just encode this episode! The connection is crap too! Took 3 hours to upload this thing! Grooaaa!"
Yes, he did type 'grooaaa' when he explained that to me.

Since uploading takes a long time, we will hold our plan to upload soft-sub mkv version of previous episodes. This episode will still have soft-sub mkv which will be released probably tomorrow. That is after we done upload this episode to youtube.

The holiday also force us to leave our plan to create our very own blog for the time being. We will continue it when we've returned from holiday.

And so, here's the download link for the hardsub mp4 version.
[DBX-Sub]Bima Satria Garuda - 06(576p).mp4 on MediaFire

Softsub Mkv:
[DBX-Sub]Bima Satria Garuda - 06(576p).mkv on MediaFire

Translator: mrbenz
QC: darcangel
Encoder: xortimus
Raw: bima-satriagaruda.blogspot.com


Next episode will have some delay too, but we are expecting the delay not as long as this one.
Thank you for your understanding and patience. :)

EDIT: We've add the mkv softsub for this episode. Sorry for the lateness, xortimus had some problem uploading this.

This is Benz reporting, see you on the next post!!

01 August 2013

[DBX-Sub] Bima Episode 05 Soft Sub version (Mkv)

We supposed to release our softsub on Tuesday, but we have sudden things to handle IRL.
Plus, our uploader/encoder internet connection was kinda messy for a while.
Therefore, this release is late. But do not fret! For the soft sub is here! (Yay!)

Like we've said before, we're kinda new on this fansub business, so we're sorry if we make mistakes or what we have is not living up to your expectation. We are always open to positive and constructive criticism, as long it is delivered with neutral tone (ie. not flamming nor bashing ).

Anyway, this is the Soft-sub of Bima Satria Garuda Episode 5. Enjoy!
[DBX-Sub]Bima Satria Garuda - 05(576p).mkv on Mediafire

Other episodes will follow soon, and episode 6 onwards will be released in soft-sub and hard-sub format (mkv and mp4 respectively).

This is Benz reporting, see you on the next post!!

28 July 2013

[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda Episode 05 (English Sub)

Because not looking at your enemy is so effing cool!

The fifth episodes of Bima!
We get the conclusion for the Suicide Arc. (xortimus: I won't called it an arc since it only 2 episodes...)
In any case, the RAW that we got today isn't any better than last week. This is really tough to go on with this kind of Raw, but then again, who am I to complain. I (we) can't record it our self either.

Here's the download link:

[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda - 05(576p).mp4 on mediafire

Translator: mrbenz
QC: darcangel
encoder: xortimus
Raw: bima-satriagaruda.blogspot.com

We're still uploading to youtube right now. Expect it to be done before midnight (UTC+7)
Below is streaming from youtube.

A little announcement to make:
- In respond to the vote about softsub and standalone blog, we're gonna prepare the mkv softsub for eps 4 in around 1-2 days. Our encoder still playing with it. And other episodes will follows. The blog will be up before next release. We will still post the release here for a while to make sure everyone knows that we've moved. Future episode will be released there.

- Next week (August 5-9) will be a week-long holiday for my office. I will travel back to my home (my parents home to be exact) starts from August 2 until August 11. I'm not sure how will the subbing go since I need to do this on different computer and different internet speed. We really think there is nothing to worry about, but please expect for 1 day late for the next two episodes at worst. (There's no telling if suddenly my family want to go somewhere with me on Sunday)

- darcangel ask me to put this here, "Episode 3 subs is quite annoying with huge amount of 'kak' here and there. I've forced benz to limit the 'kak' to name only so it will be less annoying on this episode onwards. Hope this will makes the subs better and less annoying."

So, enjoy this week show!

PS: Next episode's monster looks really cool! Can't wait, can't wait!

This is Benz reporting, see you on the next post!!

21 July 2013

[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda - Episode 4 (English Sub)

Bima is wondering when he will get HD release
Hi, guys!
mrbenz here. And here we are with Bima Satria Garuda Episode 4!
As a little technical review about this episode, the sounds-FX and dub-are so much better than previous episodes! A huge round of applause to the production team. *clap**clap**clap*

This episode doesn't feature our opening "Team Card" like previous releases. We recently notice that the aspect ratio is somewhat distorted during the process of adding it. Seems like we need to release the fixed version for previous episodes because of this. Whether we will keep the Team Card or not is not decided yet. Maybe you can tell us your thought about the team card on the comment session.

And so, without further ado, here it is!
The 4th episode of  Bima Satria Garuda:
[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda - 04(576p).mp4 on Media Fire

Translator: mrbenz
QC: darcangel
Encoder: xortimus
RAW: bima-satriagaruda.blogspot.com

TL-Note: In case you didn't know. The Toad Monster speaking with a toad language which is none of us can decipher. It is not Indonesian and we can't find someone who can translate that for us. Sorry.

I think Media Fire is the best DDL around that is available for free.
Do you guys have any request for our release to be mirrored to other ddl sites?
As for torrent, we still don't have anyone who can host the files.

And seems like the vote already have clear result.
We will keep watching for a few days to see if it stable before we start making move.

The Youtube streaming is currently uploading. Will be done soon.
Here if you watch streaming from Youtube.

Hope you enjoy the show!

Note: I have no idea there was such a bus in Jakarta! I'm sure has been far too long away from the capital, am I not?

This is Benz reporting, see you on the next post!!

14 July 2013

[DBX-Sub] Bima Satria Garuda - Episode 3 (English Sub)

Hey, we finally have the third episode!
Bima finally adopt the "Monster of The Week" format.
This show sure feels like a Showa shows.

I'm not in a good mood today since I missed Bima this morning :(
And Steam Summer Sale is killing me and my wallet!

Oh, don't forget to cast your vote for future release of Bima Satria Garuda from us.
We still can't make up our mind on those two things.
You can find them on the right side of this blog.

Enough chit - chat, here's the download link for Episode 3:

[DBX-Sub]Bima Satria Garuda - 03(576p).mp4 on Media Fire

Translator: mrbenz
QC: darcangel
Encoder: xortimus
Raw: bima-satriagaruda.blogspot.com

And if you don't feel like downloading, you can watch it here:

Rasputin sounds better in this episode.
He must've seen his doctor.

This is Benz reporting, see you on the next post!!